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Swann SWADS-30MBNC Video & Power 100ft / 30m BNC Cable

Swann SWADS-30MBNC Video & Power 100ft / 30m BNC Cable
Brand: Swann
Product Code: SWADS-30MBNC
Availability:In Stock


Swann Video & Power 100ft / 30m BNC Cable

Integrated with DC Power Cable for CCTV Video Cameras with BNC Connectors / Double shielded with aluminum foil insulation / DC power cable (tear away)
* Easy to connect co-ax extension cable
* Add 100ft / 30m of distance to your security system
* Tight locking, secure & can't accidently disconnect
* 75 ohm, double shielded & weather resistant to withstand harsh conditions
* Send power to your camera via this cable
* White cable, perfect for home & office interiors

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pdf SWADS-30MBNC Brochure

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