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All sales by Extreme Technology are subject to the following terms & conditions

ABN 12 266 842 607

1 All goods will remain as the property of Extreme Technology, until the full amount owed is paid in full or cleared by our bank. Extreme Technology reserve the right to retrieve any goods not paid for from the purchaser without notice.
2 Extreme Technology accept's no responsibility for delay's in shipment or non delivery of items by our carrier's we suggest customers ask for and pay extra for insurance on all deliveries so they have complete coverage. (Australia Post Express Satchel's do not include insurance.)
3 Bank charges plus an administration / recovery fee will be levied against all dishonoured cheques, a new invoice will be issued to cover these costs which must be paid on presentation by cash, bank cheque or money order.

4 All goods will remain as the property of Extreme Technology, until the full amount owed is paid in full or cleared by our bank. Extreme Technology reserve the right to retrieve any goods not paid for from the purchaser without notice.
5 No refunds will be issued when it there is a delay in delivery or issue that is a fault of the carrier in completing delivery in a reasonable time frame, unfortunately we are unable to give guarantees in regard to delivery times or the performance of our carrier's.
6 Australia Post and our other carrier's expected timeframe in locating and re-freighting missing parcels is around 10 working days and the customer expects this and will allow for this in all their ordering requirements.

7 Standard warranty is back to base, all warranty claims are to be sent to place of purchase ( or relevant service centre ) for service at purchasers expense, no responsibility will be taken for damage occurring to or from the service centre,warranty period starts from date of purchase as shown on invoice.
8 Warranty is void in the event of power surges, misuse, droppage, lightning strike, water damage or attemped repair by the purchaser or other parties.
9 Warranty period on new power supply’s and CPU fans is three months
10 Warranty period on software is 30 days, no warranty or guarantee for suitability whatsoever is offered on software, damage to media is the responsibility of the user, the user may be able to have media replaced by the author or distributor of software for a fee.
11 Warranty period on all new separately purchased components ( except power supplies & CPU fans ) such as mice, hard drives, motherboards, fax/modems, UPS’S etc is one year ( back to base ). Any extended warranty offered by a manufacturer or distributor over this one year period is to be dealt with directly by the customer to their service centre or to the manufacturer.
12 Printer warranty’s are one year back to the relevant manufacturers service centre where printers under warranty are returned to Extreme Technology for warranty claim a charge may be levied to cover packing and freight costs to and from the manufacturers service centre. A no fault found fee will be charged where printers are found not to be faulty, it is the responsibility of the purchaser to ask for the current service fee.
13 Warranty claims must be accompanied with original invoice as proof of purchase and a clear description of the fault.
14 Warranty period on all second hand goods and systems is 30 days parts and labour unless otherwise stated.
15 Warranty period on new systems is 1 Year Parts and Labour, ( does not include labour for upgrades ).
16 Faults caused by software problems, virus damage etc are not covered by warranty. Faults due to improper installation of software, program conflicts or misuse etc. are not covered by warranty.
17 Warranty on all additional devices supplied with systems such as scanners, fax / modems, zip drives, DVD & DVD R / RW Drives, Bluray Drives, video capture cards, and UPS’S is one year return to base, where additional warranty is offered by the manufacturer or distributor, the purchaser is to approach the relevant service centre or manufacturer for service.
18 Any alterations to the original configuration of the system not done by Extreme Technology or their authorised agents can void warranty. Conflicts caused by incorrect installation of additional devices such as Fax/Modem cards, Scanners, video capture cards are not covered under warranty. To keep the integrity of the warranty it is suggested that Extreme Technology make changes to the original configuration of the system.
19 Extreme Technology cannot be held liable for any data lost due to hardware or software faults however caused, attempts will be made where possible to recover this data a fee will be charged for this service. It is suggested that regular system back-up’s be performed to ensure that data may be recovered if lost.
20 Errors and omissions in Invoice or description of goods - If an error is detected in an Invoice for goods purchased previous discussion's or written quotation will overwrite said Invoice's pricing and details - any claim if apporved by Extreme Technology Computers will be limited to return of goods supplied at best and refund if goods are returned at purchasers expense if unused and in prisitine condition..
21 When a operating system is required to be reloaded or a hard drive to be reformated under a warranty claim only the basic operating system will be reloaded by us it is the customers responsibilty to reload programs and data they wish to use on the P.C.
22 A service fee may be charged where faults are due to any of the reasons above that are not covered by warranty. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ask for the current service fee.
23 This warranty is non-transferable and only applies to the original purchaser.

24 Please choose carefully we do not normally give refunds if you simply change your mind, make a wrong selection or just simply decide the product is no longer needed.
25 A refund or exchange will only be accepted under exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of Extreme Technology. If an exchange or refund is approved, any additional incurred postage and handling costs may be payable by the customer.
26 Where a product is accepted for refund soley at our discretion we reserve the right to charge a mininmum fee of 20% of the purchase price as a restocking free please note the product must be unopened and in prisitne condition.
27 If goods are damaged or faulty at no particular fault of the customer, are wrongly described in store or on the website, then the customer will automatically qualify for an exchange of the product or full refund.
28 All refunds will be made by the same transaction as the original payment or as credit towards another item.
29 The product must be returned complete in its packaging with all accessories and operating manuals.

30 Installation services will be undertaken by Extreme Technology or our licensed security installer, a licensed electrician or other parties may assist in running cables or in the wiring or equipment or as required.
31 Any warranty provided only covers the installation service not faulty product or third party issues beyond our control such as interference from other sources existing equipment or equipment not installed by us.
32 Where access is limited and or extra equipment is required to complete installation ie scissor lift access we reserve the right to charge customer the cost to us for this service plus a margin of 20% to cover our time and expense in procuring this equipment.
33 Warranty for products supplied to our licensed installers for installation is strictly “back to manufacturer or back to base".
34 Where further on-site service / support is required Extreme Technology or our installers will charge a standard service callout fee of $110 plus an hourly rate of $110 including Gst (as of 1/01/2014).
35 Parts and cabling not supplied by Extreme Technology or our installers are not covered by our installation services or warranty at all.

36 The liability of Extreme Technology whether arising in contract, tort or otherwise and whether arising to any defect in any product, failure to perform in accordance with any contract, undertaking or representation and/or negligence, shall be limited to one or more of the following as selected by Extreme Technology
A The replacement of goods or the supply of equivalent goods  
B The repair of the goods, and
C The payment of the costs of replacing the goods or acquiring equivalent goods.
37 The seller makes no expressed or implied warranty of any kind for the products sold with regard to performance, merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose. The products sold are sold “as is” and Extreme Technology is not responsible for any loss or incidental or consequential damages resulting from the use of the product sold.